During COVID-19 our workshops will be online. Please check back for updates.

Back Care Workshop

Spine Care Benefit Workshop with Julia Lorimer at Yoga Center of Marin

Date: Saturday Sept. 11, 2021

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Instructor: Julia Lorimer

Levels: All levels.

Fees: $22.00 

Zoom link: A zoom link will be sent the evening before the workshop. Please register early and no later than 6p.m. the night before class. The same Zoom link will be used continuously for this ongoing monthly workshop.  Feel free to join class 10-15 minutes early to introduce yourself or to socialize with other students. 


Every second Saturday of the month, Julia will give a specialty workshop on how to take better care or your back. You will learn easy and practical ways to address your back issues, whether you suffer from stiffness or chronic pain in your upper, middle or lower back, or you have scoliosis.

Julia has been a yoga teacher and pain relief and posture specialist for 30 years in Marin County.  She is an innovator in the use of Iyengar props and principles for recovering from challenging physical conditions. She is also a Sanskrit scholar and teacher of Vedanta, Vedic philosophy and psychology, and Meditation. She will help you get relief from your physical and emotional challenges through her caring, skillful, and engaging teaching style. 

Register Now:

To register please submit payment by Venmo, check or PayPal

Venmo $22.00 to @Julia-Lorimer or,

Send check to: Julia Lorimer, 503 D St., #5, SanRafael, Ca 94901

or Click link for PayPal, *(paypal fee charged, $1.11)


"Yoga in the Kitchen with Jamie"
Restorative Workshop
Every last Saturday of the Month


Date: Saturday May 29, 2021

Time: 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM

Instructor: Jamie Lamka

Fees: $20.00

Levels: All levels

Zoom link: Please register at least 24 hours before the workshop to receive a Zoom link.  The link will be sent on Saturday morning before the class.

Props needed: Backless chair, 5 blankets, a bolster or enough blankets to make one, 2 blocks, a belt (or 2), and some wall space if possible.

This class will be special sequence of supported asanas (poses) designed for deep relaxation and restoration.

“These asanas are known as Visranta Karaka asanas and are meant to rest the organic body. 

Each organ is as though separated from the other in order to oxygenate and rest.

With the knife of consciousness and awareness, one is able to dissect the body from inside.

However, one has to prolong the duration of stay in the asanas fire to ten minutes, in order to have recovery.”  Geeta S. Iyengar 

Register now:

To register please choose the workshop you want to attend and then click the PayPal button.  Your payment is your registration. (a $1.02 PayPal fee is added).